Robert Paul Saphier

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Robert Paul Saphier  works in a variety of mediums - watercolor, acrylic, pencil, pastel and egg tempera according to the requirements of idea and subject.

Various subjects are depicted in his work: landscape, window view, still life, portraiture and sacred geometry. The organizing principle forming the undercurrent of his work is a mathematical base which finds form through geometry; hence, his use of the Golden Ratio, also known as the Golden Section or, in the Renaissance, as the Divine Proportion. Based upon a certain numerical ratio, it establishes a harmony between visual intuition and mathematical logic.

While visual art - specifically painting and drawing - may not exist in time as does music, it is his hope that with each viewing one will perceive shifting rhythmic relationships, multiple color harmonies, and an evolving imagery assuming an infinite number of masks. A perpetual 'newness' exists; previously unknown aspects become manifest. In this way, art - as life - is perpetually one step ahead of both artist and viewer, forever eluding a singular, static mode of comprehension.


“Eternal Viewpoint”

egg tempera on panel

12" x 12"


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